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Funnel based Demand/ Lead Nurturing


74% of companies that weren’t exceeding revenue goals didn’t know their visitor, lead, MQL or sales opportunities 

The majority of marketing campaigns and business plans to generate leads and grow businesses do not deliver the expected results. It's common for businesses to experience slow growth due to ineffective, but expensive, marketing campaigns, considering the fact that High-quality leads are the lifeblood of every business.

Multi-touch lead generation at advanced stages of a purchase funnel hasn't been easy for agencies, so they Surrender!

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With AarMark's Lead Generation Experts, you'll gain a better understanding of your customer's tastes and preferences as you gain better insight into their needs. With comprehensive efforts and correct strategies, we generate highly convertible leads. We generate leads by targeting sales prospects interested in your products and expanding your network of influence.

Leads are nurtured through below multi-channel methods to determine their worthiness by pegging a value (assigning points) based on their engagement, behavior or interest towards a product across the sales funnel. 


Marketing Qualified Leads

The MQL leads delivered by AarMarks are individuals who have expressed interest in what a brand has to offer based on marketing efforts and provide efficient conversations with prospects who are highly qualified or are otherwise more likely to become clients. Maintaining leads who have intentionally engaged with your brand by submitting contact information, participating in a program, downloading materials, or visiting your website repeatedly is our unique approach to MQL campaigns

Our company excels at converting Marketing Qualified Leads into high-quality Sales Ready Leads. Qualified leads are those that marketing deems sufficient to move to sales. Having this attribute to organize the leads, our team has the expertise to bring clicks and capture leads engaging with content and making the business pipeline efficient and effective for generating revenue​​

Sales Qualified Leads

AarMarks had been one of the pioneers in offering these segmentation and lead criteria. Using a mix of online and offline techniques, we introduce you to warm & interested prospects who have agreed to receive a call back and take a short demo of your product or service. HQL is designed to bring sales and marketing reps close to the sale, which will give them an unrivaled level of confidence.

Highly Qualified Leads

In the field of sales lead qualification, BANT is one of the most commonly used methods. Our BANT strategy identifies the right leads and separates them from lost causes, allowing you to maximize your sales opportunity. We use BANT as a concept rather than just a checklist, being aware of the challenges that could arise if we used it simply as a checklist. Our approach changes every time to suit the prospect and not follow a particular "script" or "process".

Budget, Authority, Need and Timeframe

(B.A.N.T) Leads

Sales prospecting is something AarMarks understands.. Having a strategic approach to the process is AarMark’s greatest strength. We provide appointment setting services to help you organize meetings with high-potential prospects and let your sales team work on closing deals. We have experienced marketing professionals who are skilled at generating face-to-face meeting opportunities

Appointment Generation

With AarMarks B2B Account Profiling Services, you can get actionable insights about your prospects, so you can engage in meaningful conversations that resonate with their pain points. Through our Profiling model, we can gain an in-depth understanding of how a potential customer operates, their structure, their key decision makers, their decision making process, who their current suppliers are, and what they plan to do in the future

Account Profiling

Multi channel Approach

With our Multi channel Approach, accelerator your campaigns towards ROI at next level with no legacy! Less costs, more sales and more effective conversion rate!

Considering AarMark's professional marketing services, you can boost your chances of speaking to key decision-makers, setting up appointments, or making sales.  It's because we understand the formula of a healthy sales funnel that turns into profit.

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