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Revolutionizing B2B Marketing: AarMarks Media's Data-Driven Success Story with Quink Technologies' Personalized Account-Based Marketing



Quink Technologies 

Quink Technologies, a leading B2B software and web solutions provider, partnered with AarMarks Media to enhance its marketing efforts through personalized account-based marketing (ABM). AarMarks Media aimed to leverage data-driven strategies to deliver highly targeted campaigns and drive engagement and conversions for Quink Technologies.

Challenges Quink Technologies were facing 

Quink Technologies faced the challenge of effectively reaching decision-makers within their target accounts and delivering personalized email resonating with their specific audiance.

Quality and Accuracy_edited.jpg

They sought AarMarks Media's expertise to leverage data insights and develop a personalized ABM strategy to address these challenges.

What Solution we Provide

AarMarks Media implemented a comprehensive data-driven personalized ABM strategy for Quink Technologies. They started by analyzing data from various sources, including CRM systems, Accounts Filtration , and Data Accuracy, to gain a deep understanding of the target accounts and their decision-makers.


1st Solution

Data Integration and Alignment in CRM


2nd Solution

Filtering Decision Maker and shortlisting Right Party Contact (RPC)


3rd Solution

Authenticity, Accuracy, Sufficiency of Data

Based on the insights gathered, AarMarks Media developed personalized content and campaigns for each target audience. They crafted customized email campaigns that showcased Quink Technologies' solutions as the ideal fit. AarMarks Also Integrated their CRM and provide authentic and accurate data-base. The campaigns were delivered through personalized emails, audience-specific campaigns, and targeted data.

Result we Delivered


The implementation of personalized ABM by AarMarks Media yielded exceptional results for Quink Technologies.

The engagement metrics witnessed a significant boost, with a 50% increase in website visits, form submissions, and content downloads from target accounts. Conversion rates improved by 35%, resulting in a substantial increase in qualified leads and closed deals.

The personalized approach helped Quink Technologies establish strong relationships with key decision-makers within the target accounts. The tailored content and targeted campaigns showcased Quink Technologies' understanding of the accounts' pain points, positioning them as a trusted partner and industry leader.

Lessons Learned

This case study highlights the success of AarMarks Media's data-driven personalized ABM approach in helping Quink Technologies achieve remarkable results. The key lessons include:

Implementing CRM to filter target accounts and delivering nurtured leads..png

By implementing these lessons, AarMarks Media successfully assisted Quink Technologies in achieving significant growth through their data-driven personalized ABM strategy.

What Quink has to say

Quink Technologies is highly impressed with AarMarks Media's data-driven strategies. They acknowledge that AarMarks' personalized messaging based on rich data insights has significantly resonated with their target accounts. Quink appreciates how AarMarks overcame data challenges, ensuring data quality and integration to provide a comprehensive view of their target accounts. AarMarks' data-driven approach has maximized Quink's ROI, with increased conversion rates and resource allocation. Quink also commends AarMarks for their commitment to data privacy and compliance, fostering trust with target accounts. Overall, Quink values their strategic partnership with AarMarks and the remarkable results achieved through their data-driven strategies.​​

CMO - Quink Technologies

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